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Cherry Acres old barn wood furniture is manufactured from select lumber collected from old buildings.


This lumber is referred to as "Reclaimed Lumber" and can range from barn siding, to barn or house floors, to large beams and joists. The primary species used are white pine, yellow pine, hemlock, fir, poplar (generally used only in shelving) and oak, which is not only the most expensive but also the hardest to find and work with. These species, when naturally aged for 100-200 years in old buildings, create character and originality to the furniture.


We offer a stock line of furniture, along with one-of-a-kind specialty pieces. You can also order variations of our stock pieces or we will custom make a piece just for you. Our furniture is created in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. In addition to our Lititz based shop, we work with a number of Pennsylvania Amish craftsmen to produce our furniture.  Custom finishes and matched finishes are available include our own "natural" stain. We also offer a wide variety of paints with antique glazes.  All the design and finishing is done solely by Cherry Acres as well as all marketing.


Once the product is finished, Cherry Acres markets the furniture at antique and interior design shows.  A sampling of our furniture along with our line of accessories can be seen on this website. Customers wishing to view items at Cherry Acres in Pennsylvania can visit our showroom in the town of Lititz. Custom orders can be picked up at Cherry Acres or we will deliver them to an upcoming show to be picked up. Customers interested in other delivery options should contact us for additional information on third party shippers.


My involvement in old barn wood furniture had begun over 20 years ago when I started tearing down old buildings and selling the lumber for extra money. Over the years, Cherry Acres has progressed from just selling old lumber to selling our own line of furniture.




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